Company Overview

StarDent is the public sector (Medicare / Medicaid, CHIP, Indigent Health) division of OraQuest Dental Plans, Inc. The parent company, Dental Economics, L.L.C., has subsidiaries including OraQuest and StarDent providing benefits to subscribers in 42 states. StarDent was launched in response to numerous requests from various state departments of insurance and other HMO’s to provide a value added component for their public sector recipients. As such, StarDent has rapidly become one of the nations leading public sector dental benefit providers. All customer and administrative services are performed at the corporate headquarters. StarDent’s alliance with OraQuest allows public sector patients a cost-effective dental benefit with broad access to professional care.

StarDent distinguishes itself from the competition through various features of its plans. One of the most attractive points of StarDent is plan flexibility. As regulations change from state to state, StarDent’s plans are customizable to fit each instance. So, regardless of your circumstances, StarDent can adjust the program to fit your needs. Other features and benefits are outlined throughout this document.

All of our existing clients have voiced complete satisfaction with our services to their members. As such, StarDent has never lost a contract.

If you contract with us, you’ll stay with us.